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Good News for the students of Civil Engineering Dept.

Transportation today plays an important role in the economic and physical development of any modern city. This is surely an immense pleasure for SourceKoder to mention here that, SourceKoder is going to start Ptv VISSIM Simulation course for Civil Engineers within very short time. Today many micro-simulation software have been made available on the market and used as tools for the evaluation of traffic management and control.

Ptv VISSIM is a microscopic, time step and behavior based simulation model developed to analyze the full range of functionality classified road way (including roundabout, rail road crossing and toll plaza) and transit operations. Ptv VISSIM combines traffic engineering expertise and state of the art presentation options, even 3D animation. VISSIM is the ideal tool for transportation professionals. It allows them to find a solution which takes traffic and transportation quality, safety and cost into consideration.

VISSIM is desired software that fulfills the dream of a transportation engineer and transportation related students. It gives wings of an engineer to check his/ her design and take necessary steps to improve design skills.